I founded Get Age Fit with a specific passion for providing a fitness training service to fellow Georgetown residents much like myself.  As a 67 year old husband, father and grandfather I live each day a lifestyle that many of you can relate with.


Our mission is to bring together a community of  like minded Georgetown residents just like us to support one another in changing the "too old" stereotype. 


At Get Age Fit you can be certain you'll be embraced as not just a "gym member" but as a part of our family.  Together  we'll do more than help you start working out.  Joined with others like you, we'll celebrate your real life everyday fight to make life long improvements no matter your current condition.


I could go on about our membership options, training programs, hours, gym equipment, etc. 


But Instead, I'll leave you with this...


Get Age Fit is here in our shared hometown, with one mission.  We want to unite a community of friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers and all other like minded individuals that are driven to overcome the mental and physical barriers of age holding them back. We represent a shared goal to prove to those around us but more importantly to prove to ourselves that.


Get to know the Get Age Fit team.  We have a diverse group of  Nationally Certified Fitness Professionals that are passionate about serving you.   


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I conquered my physical fears and took back my body back!

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I’m thankful that I took the step to better my health with Get Age Fit.

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 This is one of the best decisions we made for our future.