Get Age Fit is much more than a local gym with open memberships and a younger clientele. In fact, we aren’t really a gym at all. 


Rather, we're a unique Concierge Training Facility where our VIP clients are guided, coached, instructed and encouraged by their Get Age Fit Certified Personal Trainer at all times.  Rest assured, our trainers have been through rigorous training and are very competent at adjusting and adapting to each client individual needs. 


Age and fitness level appropriate training is what we do…everything is personalized specifically for you.

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Our atmosphere is also quite different, as I have designed it to honor and celebrate the life experience and integrity of those individuals and couples who come to train with us.  We offer a high level of service in a very comfortable environment with a touch of upscale, created by professional designers and craftsmen.


Our cleanliness and attention to detail is second to none, and it shows in our beautiful and diligently maintained training areas and restrooms.  So you might say, I created Get Age Fit around the parameters of what I wanted as a 67-year-old guy who likes the finer thing in life, but also likes to have a safe and uplifting place to train with weights that isn’t geared toward the younger crowd. 


I could go on and on about our membership options, training programs, hours, quality gym equipment, etc. 


But Instead, I'll leave you with this...


Get Age Fit was created from a true and authentic passion in me, and that was and is to help my peers get into great shape and maintain their strength, health and vitality as we traverse the coming years and decades together.


God bless you, and I’m looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our Transformation Center for the Ages.


Here's the truth for many of us, we're NOT DONE YET.  We're still challenging ourselves to reach new life goals and exceed mainstream expectations on what IS POSSIBLE at any age. 

We're in this TOGETHER!

"Don't Let Age Control Your Lifestyle, Let Your LIFESTYLE CONTROL YOUR AGE"



      THAN A GYM

We’re proud to call Georgetown, Texas our home, and Get Age Fit is firmly ensconced here for you, with one mission.  


To stand ready to serve our community of friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers and all other like-minded individuals who are seeking to get in shape now and for the future.  We represent a shared goal to be there for those around us, and to prove to ourselves that...

We're Still Running.

We're Still Jumping.

We're Still Lifting.

We're Still Progressing.


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