Get Age Fit & Our Mission

It might not surprise some of you to find out that when I founded the Get Age Fit brand, there was much more to it than simply starting a business. Much like the old mom and pop small businesses that used to be more common place, Get Age Fit was created with more than profit in mind.

In this, I hope to give you some insight on our true mission as well as the heart and passion that laid the framework for the Get Age Fit brand.

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Get Age Fit was created from a true authentic passion in me, to service those individuals that in most cases are labeled "too old" by a short sighted mainstream fitness industry. As a 67 year old hard working Georgetown Tx local family man, I'm proud to say I'm apart of this group. I live each day as one of those strong willed individuals that get underestimated by the atypical gyms and training services.

In addition to being a faithful husband, proud father, and loving grandfather. I push back on the stereotypical norms of my age group as a competitive bodybuilder and someone still training hard to make physical improvements each year. I pride myself on being a living example of what this community is really all about.

“Agging Is Not Lost Youth, But A New Stage Of Opportunity And Strength” - Betty Friedan

Here's the truth for many of us, we're NOT DONE YET. We're still challenging ourselves to reach new life goals and exceed mainstream expectations on what IS POSSIBLE at our age. Let's be honest, we're sick of being looked at as age handicapped or "past our prime". We know there's much more in us that can achieve goals that exceed any age group.

“Don't Let Age Control Your Lifestyle, Let Your Lifestyle Control Your Age."

Get Age Fit is more than a local gym or Personal Training service. Rather, we're a community of strong individuals in the older age bracket standing together to make a statement. Get Age Fit is a fitness training facility specifically designed by a fellow Georgetown resident in his 60's for people just like him. This is a gym built by one of you, for you.

Our mission is to create a like minded community of those just like us to help support one another in changing the "too old" stereotype. At Get Age Fit you can be certain you'll be embraced as a family and together we will celebrate your real life everyday fight to make improvements at any level.

I could go on about our membership options, training programs, hours, gym equipment, etc. But I'll spare you the sales pitch, I know that people like us are confident enough to ask all that over the phone or in a scheduled consultation.

Instead, I'll leave you with this...

Get Age Fit is here in our hometown, with one mission. To unite a community of friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers and all other like minded individuals that are driven to overcome the mental barrier of age holding them back. We represent a shared goal to prove to those around us but more importantly to prove to ourselves that...

We're Still Running.

We're Still Jumping.

We're Still Lifting.

We're Still Progressing.